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eric.jung at yahoo.com eric.jung at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 09:17:03 EDT 2006

I finally got back to this. Both Neil's and HJ's suggestions worked:

.button-text {
  text-align: right;

<button pack="start ... "/>

I must have had XUL caching turned on or something; don't know why it wasn't working a couple weeks ago.

Many thanks to both of you!

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Eric H. Jung wrote:

>I have two buttons with images:
><button style="list-style-image: url('up.gif')" command="moveUpCmd"/>
><button style="list-style-image: url('down.gif')" command="moveDownCmd"/>          
>Screenshot: http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/1816/capture917200691138pmkj5.jpg
>(I don't remember why I'm not using the image attribute, but there was a reason). The labels on each button are different lengths but the images are the exact same sizes. How can I align the labels with each other instead of them being centered?
I think <button pack="start"/> should work.
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