[Project_owners] Error page not being triggered, even when enabled in local.conf

HJ van Rantwijk bugs4hj at aim.com
Sun Oct 1 02:04:36 EDT 2006

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Michael Buckley wrote:
> I have found that changes to the local.conf can take some time to come
> into action,  I was having the same problem (error page the triggering),
> but it seams to have gone away now after a week of waiting.  I can't
> work out what caused it to suddenly work.  I am hoping the migration to
> the new server will fix it.

We use this for like three years now, so I don't think that it is related.

> JOOI why do your emails show "BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE "?

Because it lacks a proper sig delimiter

> HJ van Rantwijk wrote:
> We have set the following in local.conf:
> $local_conf_use_local_error_pages=ON;
> $local_conf_error_page = 'error/404.html';
> but this URL: http://multizilla.mozdev.org/test/html
> does *not* trigger our error page!
> Can this be fixed?
> Note that most other common errors do trigger our error page, which BTW
> looks horrible so I'm going to take care if it ;)
> Thanks,
> /HJ
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