[Project_owners] What Linux compiler / distro to use?

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Thu Nov 30 01:13:30 PST 2006

Matthew Wilson wrote:

> eric.jung at yahoo.com wrote:
>> There is a version of Visual Studio that is free: Visual Studio Express
>> http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/
>> Unfortunately, it doesn't ship with header files for the Windows API 
>> and kernel structures. However, you get get those from BloodShed 
>> Dev-++ and/or ming
>> http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html
> I think I tried that, a while ago, but the DLL that I built didn't 
> work with a downloaded distribution of Firefox.

On Windows, there aren't supposed be any problems using DLLs built with 
different MSVC versions, because they have binary compatibility. If your 
DLL does not even load then the most likely issue when using the latest 
compilers is forgetting to embed or include the manifests. After that 
the most likely problem is mismatching allocators e.g. trying to Adopt 
memory created using new char[].

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