[Project_owners] What Linux compiler / distro to use?

Matthew Wilson matthew at mjwilson.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 28 11:12:30 PST 2006

Brian King wrote:
> I've compiled an XPCOM component for my extension under Fedora FC5 (gcc 
> 4 build), and tested it on Ubuntu 5, Suse 10, Linspire 5 and it worked 
> fine. I've had user reports that it does not work on Debian Sarge (gcc 
> 3.3.5) and Ubuntu edgy-eft.
> So my question is: What is the best compiler/distro to compile on to 
> ensure best distro coverage? I've had no problems with the Windows or 
> Mac binaries.

What tools did you use for Windows compilation? Is it possible with free 
tools, or is Visual Studio required?

Matthew Wilson

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