[Project_owners] What Linux compiler / distro to use?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Tue Nov 28 06:29:22 PST 2006

Brian King schrieb:
> I've compiled an XPCOM component for my extension under Fedora FC5 (gcc 
> 4 build), and tested it on Ubuntu 5, Suse 10, Linspire 5 and it worked 
> fine. I've had user reports that it does not work on Debian Sarge (gcc 
> 3.3.5) and Ubuntu edgy-eft.
> So my question is: What is the best compiler/distro to compile on to 
> ensure best distro coverage? I've had no problems with the Windows or 
> Mac binaries.

As Patrick already pointed out, probably the gcc version isn't the 
biggest problem, the glibc version you link against is.

The best choice would be to use the same versions that your host app is 
compiled against, I think that might be CentOS 4.0 for FF/TB (not 
completely sure) and SuSE 9.0 for SeaMonkey (both branches - that's one 
I know for sure, just verified it).

Robert Kaiser

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