[Project_owners] cvsweb diff of uploaded files?

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sat May 20 14:44:17 EDT 2006

Alex Vincent wrote:
> I was wondering if it'd be possible to upload a file to a temporary
> location, and then diff it against its equivalent location in the cvs
> repository.
> Use case:  Verbosio will be able to edit XML, and will be used to edit
> itself.  So for an end-user to be able to generate patches against
> Verbosio trunk code, the end-user needs to get a diff from somewhere.
> If this diff could be provided as a web service, then a XMLHttpRequest
> via XUL Widgets's serverpost could access this service and generate
> useful results for the user.  A guided XUL form (a la bugxula) could
> then guide the user in submitting the diff as a bug and patch.
> Any thoughts from the mozdev team?

Not sure if I follow fully, but ...

Can't the version they are editing just be a copy, and then all that 
would need to be done is a local 'diff -u' from the live version against 
the copy. This is presuming that the original lives in a flat chrome 

Brian King
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