[Project_owners] bookmarks-tree: SeaMonkey vs Firefox.

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Wed May 17 10:51:55 EDT 2006

Philip Chee wrote:

>I've emulated these methods in js and they seem to work. Anybody want to see if I've missed out anything? I don't really know C++ at all.
>  // from FF nsBookmarksService.cpp (translated into js)
>  getParentChain : function (aResource) {
>    var parentArray = new Array();
>    if (aResource) {
>      var parent = xsbBookmarks.getParent(aResource);
>      while (parent) {
>        parentArray.unshift(parent);
>        parent = xsbBookmarks.getParent(parent);
>      }
>    }
>    return parentArray;
>  },
I'd consider writing selectResource to do something along the lines of 
SelectFolder in msgMail3PaneWindow.js which uses a recursive helper 
function EnsureFolderIndex (although of course in that case the parent 
operation is trivial).

>    var containerArc;
>    while (arcsIn.hasMoreElements()) {
>      containerArc = arcsIn.getNext();
Nit: var containerArc = arcsIn.getNext();

>        return BMDS.GetSources(containerArc, aResource, true).getNext()
>                   .QueryInterface(kRDFRSCIID);
The original C++ translates to
return BMDS.GetSource(containerArc, aResource, true);

[Note for the interested: due to the way XPConnect works it is not 
necessary to manually call containerArc.QueryInterface(kRDFRSCIID) 
because XPConnect will do that as part of preparing the function call. 
QueryInterface/instanceof are only necessary if you wish to invoke 
methods or get or set properties on the interface.]

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