[Project_owners] RDF question

pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Mon May 15 01:54:57 EDT 2006


> In my extension I am able to read this PHP
> URL into a RDFDataSource.
> but I can't add a new arc 

> (I don't want to persist the change in a file or on
> a remote server, it's only in memory). 

yes, you'd have to copy your remote datasource into
a in-memory datasource and work with that. it's not
as hard as it sounds though.

and ofcourse, you can serialize the inmemory
datasource and send it back to your phpscript
again. but if multiple users were to access it,
you'd have to think about synchronisation and
locking issues, and the rdf returned may be
hard to parse.


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