[Project_owners] Extension updates: mozdev vs mozilla addons

Tim Williams tw302 at zepler.org
Sun May 14 22:14:18 EDT 2006

I've just published my first firefox extension hosted by mozdev and am 
unsure about the best practice for providing automatic updates.

I originally posted my extension on mozdev, complete with an updateURL 
line in my install.rdf pointing to a custom update file on my mozdev site.

Since then, I've also published the extension using mozilla addons where 
i had to remove the updateURL line in order to get addons to publish it 
for me.

Should I continue publishing  a mozdev and mozilla addons copy of each 
version of my extension or stop using the file hosting service provided 
by mozdev, relying on the automatic update feature of mozilla addons 

Any advice would be appreciated.


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