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Mats Lindblad mats.lindblad at gmail.com
Mon May 8 11:47:47 EDT 2006

I am getting PHP source when I try to view it with the xml-extension.
On 5/8/06, Ramiro Aparicio <frisco82 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> In my extension I have an XML file with data needed for the settings pane.
> This XML file has info I extracted from several webs using a greasemonkey
> script and some copy&paste. Up to now I had to change the file and release a
> new version of the extension everytime this is info changed (wich is not
> very frequent but it can be once every two weeks).
> To avoid this problem I wrote a php script using an XML php parser to be
> able to load the webs extract the info and write the document. It takes a
> lot to finish but the idea is to make the extension download it once a week
> so it should not be a huge problem. But for some reason I can get it work on
> mozdevserver, it works as it should in my computer (Apache + PHP 5.1.0RC1)
> and the Domit! library, the one I am using with some changes, states that
> works with PHP4 and PHP5 so that should not be the problem.
> I have tried changing the extension with different results:
> .xml is not parsed with php engine
> .php just return a blank page (this was before I tried .html so there was
> an error, or at least this PHP think so, but no error message is shown).
> .html returned an error about objects, but changing the code it does not
> complain but does not work as it should
> I created a special dir for the script and changed local.conf to turn on
> serve_as_is. The file is http://foxgame.mozdev.org/xml/index.html (or
> index.xml to see the source or index.php to see a white screen).
> Really I am unsure if anyone can help with this but if any of you has
> experience with php on mozdev server it will be great.
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