[Project_owners] I18n

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Fri May 5 22:45:27 EDT 2006

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm extracting all of the hard-coded strings in my extension into
> various DTD files in order to ease translation.
> Many of these strings need to be used in multiple XUL dialogs/windows,
> and I'd rather not duplicate the XML entities in multiple DTD files.
> For instance, I have a <tree/> with perhaps 15 columns. This tree is
> displayed in 3 or 4 different dialogs and windows. I don't want to
> duplicate 15*3=45 entities.
> Is there a way to "re-use" entities across XUL files without simply
> merging all of my XML entities into one huge, grand DTD? I realize
> multiple DOCTYPEs cannot be specified for a single XUL.
> Thanks,
> Eric

Just for clarification, using localization DTDs as DOCTYPEs is not 
really the best thing since sliced bread, though it works in Mozilla.

'Real' editors like for example the eclipse wst get confused if the 
DOCTYPE DTD doesn't actually say anything about allowed elements and 
attributes. Thus, the syntax allowing more than one DTD has it's benefit 
even if there's just one DTD to include.


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