[Project_owners] Mozilla Extensions Update process still sucks bigtime

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Fri May 5 02:42:31 EDT 2006

Maybe nittalica was refferring to "webflder client" that is mentioned in the 
description....Not really sure though...

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> Quoting...:
>> Open As Webfolder 0.18 - Approval Denied
>> Your item, Open As Webfolder 0.18, has been reviewed by a Mozilla Update 
>> editor who took the following action:
>> Approval Denied
>> Your item was tested by Nitallica using n/a on n/a.
> Who's that? And how am I supposed to reply to it?
>> Editor's Comments:
>>  I\'m sorry, but I\'m denying your extension because it needs uncommon 
>> external software and/or hardware in order to work, and as we don\'t have 
>> access to this software/hardware we are not likely to be able to review 
>> it any time soon. It has been in the queue for over 1 month now, and I 
>> thought it would be bad to leave you without feedback any longer
> In this case, the "uncommon" software seems to be Windows.
> Oh well.
> If anybody knows what to do in cases like these, please let me know. This 
> is certainly a safe way to discourage people from updating their 
> extensions.
> Best regards, Julian
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