[Project_owners] Mozilla Extensions Update process still sucks big time

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Thu May 4 19:06:21 EDT 2006


> Open As Webfolder 0.18 - Approval Denied
> Your item, Open As Webfolder 0.18, has been reviewed by a Mozilla Update editor who took the following action:
> Approval Denied
> Your item was tested by Nitallica using n/a on n/a.

Who's that? And how am I supposed to reply to it?

> Editor's Comments:
>  I\'m sorry, but I\'m denying your extension because it needs uncommon external software and/or hardware in order to work, and as we don\'t have access to this software/hardware we are not likely to be able to review it any time soon. It has been in the queue for over 1 month now, and I thought it would be bad to leave you without feedback any longer

In this case, the "uncommon" software seems to be Windows.

Oh well.

If anybody knows what to do in cases like these, please let me know. 
This is certainly a safe way to discourage people from updating their 

Best regards, Julian

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