[Project_owners] jslib

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Tue Mar 28 11:05:41 EST 2006

Fabio Serra wrote:

> Yes, I'm sure you would release a compatible version asap, in fact my 
> doubts were mainly theoretical.
> Anyway, what I don't have understood is what are the technical reasons 
> because you decided to develop the jslib as an extension. I prefer to 
> include the libraries directly in my projects because in this way I have 
> more control. I can have different versions for different projects and I 
> don't have to worry if something that can broken my extension changes.
>  In the same way I would include some dojo or mochikit libraries I'd 
> like to do the same with the jslib.
> I know that jslib are MPL so I can change any reference from 
> chrome://jslib/content to point to my extension and probably (I'm not 
> sure I don't know jslib very well) everything keeps working, but every 
> time a new jslib version is released I need to merge the files.
> So, doesn't exists a jslib version that can be used directly inside a 
> one's extension (eg: chrome://myexts/content/jlib)? It could be a good 
> idea to develop a jslib version that is not dependent from the EM and 
> that can be simply included in the extension?

Other extension authors have bundled jsLib inside their packages before. 
I can't think of an example off-hand.

Pete's the best person to advise on the best way to handle this however.

Brian King
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