[Project_owners] jslib

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sun Mar 26 21:29:15 EST 2006

Fabio Serra wrote:
> I would like to use the jslib but what I don't like is that they have to be
> installed as an extension in Mozilla/Firefox.
> I would prefer to simply include jslib in my extension because I don't like
> to have too much dependency. If for some reason the jslib are not updated
> when a new version of Firefox come out, my extension is broken too.
> So, do you know if there is a jslib package that can be simply included 
> in my
> own extension?

A few things:

1) This tip might help you in the short term:

2) I'm in the process of updating the build of jslib on 
addons.mozilla.org that will have better compatibility.

3) If jslib is not compatible with a version of 
Firefox/Thunderbird/<program here>, just nudge the jslib mailing list 
and we'll strive to make it compatible:

I think the real issue here is how the EM handles dependencies. There 
has been lots of discussion about that before, and some open bugs at 
bugzilla.mozilla.org I'm sure.

Brian King
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