[Project_owners] Re: Button Layout (was Extension Options window has no Close button on Mac)

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Mon Mar 20 00:02:05 EST 2006

Neil wrote:
> HJ wrote:
>> Sure, but I don't like the button layout on MS Windows/Unix so I use 
>> the Mac layout, and nobody is going to change that.
> I hate FileMaker for the same reason.

You wrote:

"MS, Apple, Gnome, etc have already spent millions of dollars on 
usability testing so you don't have to."

So why is the button layout different on these platforms?  I mean, their 
research outcome should have been the same, but that is clearly not the 

Also, despite all their money put into this so called research, the 
button layout in Windows XP is not always the same, just check the 
properties window. BTW: have you seen Vista live?


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