[Project_owners] anyone any use for log4Moz

Babak Esfandiari babak at sce.carleton.ca
Sat Mar 18 19:13:46 EST 2006

Sounds great! How about hosting it on Mozdev instead of posting it here, 
I know I'll be needing a logging solution for my extension very soon, 
and I just can't see myself wading through the mailing-list archives...



Michael Johnston wrote:
> i decided i wanted some easier logging for my extension, so I
> implemented a basic javascript log4j type thing.
> if anyone would like/ can use i'll post it here/imrpove it.
> It's not pure js as it uses nsIFile and nsIFileOutputStream.
> it's not quite like log4j as it doesn't have teh asynchronous dispatch
> (which is mostly the point)
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