[Project_owners] Extension Options window has no Close button on Mac

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Sat Mar 18 07:56:29 EST 2006

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> HJ wrote:
>> Matthew Wilson wrote:

<snip />

>> It is, but what is an "apply" button? Shouldn't that be "accept"?
> OK, looks like it should be.

<snip />

> So which buttons are seen on a Mac, if accept and cancel are hidden?

Normally, only the Help button.

> All I'm trying to do with my "dlgbuttons" declaration is to add a "Help" 
> button.

I use something like this:

<dialog id="myDialog"

and this at the end (bottom) of my XUL files.

   <hbox pack="end">
     <button class="dialog-button" dlgtype="help" />
     <spring flex="1" />
     <button class="dialog-button" dlgtype="accept" />
     <button class="dialog-button" dlgtype="cancel" />


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