[Project_owners] Platform specific tweaks

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Wed Mar 15 08:11:20 EST 2006

your post is quite shy in giving details what you are actually talking
about... ;-)

Paul Tomlin wrote:
> Mac OSX appears to not like the default ALT+Q shortcut for QF, though 
> CTRL+Q apparently works. I'm reluctant to change the default, partly 
> because a lot of people seems to keep the default setup, and partly 
> because on, Win32 at least, CTRL+Q is Quit.

I don't know what QF is, but the CTRL-Q of Windows/Linux is usually
mapped to CMD-Q on Mac (and does close eg. the SeaMonkey app there).
CTRL-Q, OTOH, should work on Mac (and I doubt it's been taken alreday,
but I'm not near my Mac currently).

> Is there a way, either during install, or in JS, to detect OS?

The usual way to detect a Mac in SeaMonkey is something like

if (/Mac/.test(navigator.platform))
	// do Mac-specific stuff

> install.js is long gone, nes pas?

Even in the aviary world, install.js is still there for those who need
it. It's just not hooked up to the Extension Manager...


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