[Project_owners] Platform specific tweaks

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Tue Mar 14 20:27:38 EST 2006

Mac OSX appears to not like the default ALT+Q shortcut for QF, though 
CTRL+Q apparently works. I'm reluctant to change the default, partly 
because a lot of people seems to keep the default setup, and partly 
because on, Win32 at least, CTRL+Q is Quit. This would mean a cross 
platform search for another unused and working shortcut.

Is there a way, either during install, or in JS, to detect OS?

The shortcuts are defined in an overlay, which could use a DTD, and then 
adjusted by a function when the overlay loads to set them to whatever is 
in the prefs (via setAttribute).

install.js is long gone, nes pas?

Platform specific DTD?
if (defined(__OSX__))?

I don't have a Mac here to test on so it's all a bit black box :(

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