[Project_owners] Handling contradictory mdoes

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Tue Mar 14 20:08:52 EST 2006

I query about interface design...

Quick File now has an option to create folders on the fly while moving 
messages about.

There are lots of ways to explain this, but I mostly use it for 
bugmails. For example:

I have a folder, "Local Folders/bugzilla.mozdev.org", which has 
subfolders for each bug #. When I get the first mail regarding a bug, I 
simply type "bug mozdev" {or somthing} which brings "Local 
Folders/bugzilla.mozdev.org" to the top of the list of available 
folders. I then append the number of the bug to the folder name, "Local 
Folders/bugzilla.mozdev.org/12345" and click OK.

QF realises the folder doesn't exist and merrily goes of and creates it 
for me.

Wonderful, joy all round, beautiful ladies raining from heaven....

But (!) the users like the idea of pressing Enter selecting the first 
item from the available list, assuming there are matches to whatever 
they typed. This works fine, the forceComplete attribute on the textbox 
allows this.

However, if folder creation is enabled, I forsee a problem when a user 
wants to create a folder with a label that itself has matches.

For example, assume I have a folder named "Project 100", but want to 
file the message in a non-existent folder named "Project 10". When 
"Project 10" is in the textbox, "Project 100" will still be a valid 
result. If the user hits Enter, forceComplete will select "Project 100".

I could disable forceComplete if mkdir is enabled, but that's not good I 

I could have a special char which can be used to terminate the search, 
but not get included in the name, like a period ["Project 10." would 
create a folder called "Project 10"], but I think normal users might 
find that confusing.

I could pop a prompt asking, but that's going to get real old real quick.

I could ... ?

If none of this makes sense, see

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