[Project_owners] Under what conditions can parts of Firefox code be used?

Wladimir Palant trev at gtchat.de
Tue Mar 14 13:41:13 EST 2006

GuruJ wrote:
> The main things are that you should preserve all copyright notices, and 
> you need to make your derived source code available.

The second part isn't a problem, but the first one is somewhat. If 
talking about files with copyright notices, I don't copy any of them 
entirely. For example I copied the XUL code of the find bar from 
browser.xul with slight changes - how should I reflect this in my 
copyright notice? I use a standard MPL copyright notice.

Then there is findBar.css, that I copied almost without changes, that 
doesn't have a copyright notice however. What should I do here?

> Also, you need to be a little bit careful when re-using images.  Images 
> can be trademarked and permission required for use in derived projects 
> (for example, the Firefox logo has restrictions on its use).

I'm not using the Firefox logo and AFAICT that is the only image that 
isn't MPL'ed...


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