[Project_owners] prefwindow/prefpane randomness

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Mon Mar 13 14:15:07 EST 2006

Neil wrote:
> Paul Tomlin wrote:
>> There's a bug #296418 which means you can't place any elements between 
>> the opening <prefwindow> and the first <prefpane>.
> That's weird. That shouldn't happen for two reasons:
> 1. Only the <prefpane> elements should be added to the pane deck.
> 2. <script> elements have no frames, so don't affect decks.
> Of course I don't use FF/TB and my reduced testcase doesn't exhibit the 
> bug.

You didn't know about this?

For a little extra info, in case you get stuck-in-there :)

One suggested solution (on this list) was to put the <prefpanes> in 
<overlays> in separate files, but this triggered another bug with 
template driven <menulist>s (though I don't know which bug and if it's 
cured, see my previous post about security restriction on a bug).

I saw random connection between tabs and panes when having a <script> 
directly between a <prefwindow> and <prefpane>. Also the selected pane 
when the <prefwindow> was opened (via Extensions->Options) seemed to be 
the last selected one, regardless of closing the options dialog, which 
makes me think something is getting remembered/leaked in that instance.

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