[Project_owners] mozdev website bugs

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 00:45:51 EST 2006

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:28:06 +0000, Paul Tomlin wrote:

> These are just some notes I made while browsing around the mozdev.org 
> site. Don't take the tone badly, it's just meant to be a quick note 
> about the bug/error.

> This doesn't appear to work
> http://www.mozdev.org/lxr/

Known problem. LXR needs lots of resources. We were told that if/when the
new server is installed at the co-lo, this would be reconsidered.

> Tidy warning about empty elements
> http://www.mozdev.org/  and else/every where
>     <div id="mozdev-fluff"><b></b></div>
>     <div id="mozdev-fluff2"><i></i></div>


I see that mozdev has gotten rid of the nonstandard M$ css but several
warnings remain.

> Now I can get back to fighting with prefwindows

Any luck so far?

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