[Project_owners] Dialog loosing modality

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Fri Mar 10 15:47:37 EST 2006

I've just tried again, reducing the code to the minimum I could without 
starting a new extension, and it certainly shows up.

I can only think it might be related to something I do before openDialog 
[though this really shouldn't have any effect], or that I might be 
naughty by adding <this> as an argument to the openDialog call

var win = window.openDialog(
	mAutoCompleteSession, this);

I've played with the filter dialog, and it indeed remains modal if you 
pop an alert for the 'new filter' dialog accept when the name is empty.

It's slightly different in that the main filters dialog isn't itself 
modal, so you can always click back on the main TB window.

QF launches a modal dialog in order to stop you changing message 
selection. When I force an error, pop an alert, dismiss the alert, the 
main TB window is not only accessible, it's actually focussed. The QF 
dialog at that point is still visible above the main TB window, but not 
the current input focus.

Most odd

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