[Project_owners] Dialog loosing modality

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Fri Mar 10 15:32:24 EST 2006

Neil wrote:
> Paul Tomlin wrote:
>> Heads up really, and pondering the issue.
>> I've just discovered that if I call alert from within the 
>> ondialogaccept code of a modal dialog, the dialog looses modality once 
>> the alert window has been dismissed.
>> Thus, for Quick File, I can't throw an alert window if something is 
>> awry in the folder the user selects, for example.
>> There appear to be a lot of 'modal+alert' bugs in the monster...
> We have lots of dialogs that alert when you accept them, such as the 
> Filter Editor, which alerts you (for instance) if you didn't give your 
> filter a name, and I haven't noticed any modality issues there...

I'll do a bit more digging then, but I can say that I noticed this when 
I was returning false from the ondialogaccept (in order to keep the 
dialog open) after I'd displayed an alert(). If I changed the alert() to 
a dump() then all was as expected.

function onDialogAccept()
	alert('foo');	// this looses modality
	/* or */
	dump('foo');	// this maintains modality

	return false;

Maybe I've done something else silly, again

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