[Project_owners] Cellocity Linux for the PS3

Jonathan Yaniv yaniv.jonathan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 13:49:48 EST 2006

I appreciate the support from all of you!

Recent Developments in the Cellocity Project

We can run any version of windows that will run on a 32 bit or 64 bit
processor by having a complete system ____ (I can't talk about that
here or the moderators will have my head). Now I know that it The PS3
only has 256 MB of ram but there is an expanchion kit being made for
computers right now! Its a ram drive. It can be used as ram or as a
hard drive. they are currently made for PCI slots but I believe
someone can make them for USB 2.0 as well. Further more I need someone
to start figuring out a way to get your USB jump drive to lie to
Windows and Linux so that it will say it is a perminante hard drive
not a removable one so that you can put virtual ram on it. If you
could use a USB jump drive with USB 2.0 you could get over a PC 120
Ram added to the current ram. This would realy help. Think of it. You
could have Gigs of Ram on a USB socket ! That would be the best MOD
for the PS3 yet you would not even have to take it appart! What do you
guys think of that?

I want to be able to run Mac stuff and game cube too.

Oh ya we can also run Xbox games and Xbox 360 games but I am not
allowed to discuss how in this message board because the moderators
would not like it. If you go to my message board on my site and ask me
I will tell you how.

We can also run the Game cube games and PSP games !!!

I am starting to think it might be easier to achieve all this if I
worked with IBM to create another system with more ram, more
abilities, a faster chip, and a 64 bit processor on a PCI slot so that
you could use eather the 64 bit processor for things like Windows or
the Cell Processor for things like games. I could really make a cool
machine much better than the PS3 if I had access to a company like IBM
that would be willing to help me. Think of the possibilities !!!

Please visit http://www.linuxplaystation.com for more information

If you would like to be a developer for this project, email me at
jonathan at linuxplaystation.com with your skills

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