[Project_owners] Displaying a textbox on top of a tree

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Wed Mar 8 13:51:13 EST 2006

Wladimir Palant wrote:

> Wladimir Palant wrote:
>> I'm trying to do a really simple thing - to display a textbox on top 
>> of a tree. The usual answer to this is a stack, like this:
>> ...
>> Now if I look at this - it seems that the textbox is displayed above 
>> the tree, but the text from the treecell element is actually above 
>> the textbox.
> Just in case somebody is interested: in the end the only solution I 
> found was putting the textbox into a windowed element. I put it into 
> an iframe and everything works fine now. Before that it was a mess 
> with treecell text displaying over textbox text, tree selection over 
> textbox borders/background and caret not displaying at all.

Ah, this sounds like the "views screw up paint order" bug. (Worse, 
because parts of the tree and textbox have views, while other parts do not).

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