[Project_owners] Displaying a textbox on top of a tree

Wladimir Palant trev at gtchat.de
Wed Mar 8 11:41:03 EST 2006

Wladimir Palant wrote:
> I'm trying to do a really simple thing - to display a textbox on top of 
> a tree. The usual answer to this is a stack, like this:
> ...
> Now if I look at this - it seems that the textbox is displayed above the 
> tree, but the text from the treecell element is actually above the 
> textbox.

Just in case somebody is interested: in the end the only solution I 
found was putting the textbox into a windowed element. I put it into an 
iframe and everything works fine now. Before that it was a mess with 
treecell text displaying over textbox text, tree selection over textbox 
borders/background and caret not displaying at all.


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