[Project_owners] help button checkbox

pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Tue Mar 7 11:04:19 EST 2006


> Results are too bizarre to post. I must be on drugs or something. Anyway, thanks for the idea. I'm
> just going to use a regular <button/> without CSS and manage everything with javascript :(
ow, doesn't sound good. except for the drugs part :)
you might also want to look at the checkState attribute
if things are confusing. It can have 3 values. maybe
if you build your css on that, it makes more sense ?

> BTW, I don't know if tristate buttons apply to this: seems to be a button checkbox only has two
> states, no?

.. dont think so. a <button type="checkbox" has three states by default,
but the third state can only be set by script. I think.



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