[Project_owners] help button checkbox

pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Tue Mar 7 01:07:51 EST 2006


> <button id="enabledBtn" type="checkbox" label="disabled" checked="false" accesskey="E" 
>   oncommand="this.label=this.checked?'enabled':'disabled';foxyproxy.setEnabled(this.checked);"/>

> button[checked="true"] {
>   color: red;
>   font-weight: bold;
> }

notice your css matches the attribute and your javascript
matches the property. they may not (or are apparently not)
in sync.

could you try a

<button label="what??"

too see if I'm right ?

also notice the 'tristatebutton' is not completely done yet
so you may have found an open bug


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