[Project_owners] Re: xpcnativewrappers=no and Seamonkey

Philip Chee philip at aleytys.pc.my
Sun Mar 5 09:19:06 EST 2006

On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 21:10:41 +0000, Neil wrote:

>> In the Firefox 1.5 chrome.manifest you can specify xpcnativewrappers=no
>> when registering content. For seamonkey, how do you do that from
>> install.js? Or do you even need to do so?

> SeaMonkey requires the reverse - in the contents.rdf for the content 
> package you need to specify xpcNativeWrappers="yes" (with the 
> appropriate namespace, of course).

Can anyone point me towards some examples of the syntax needed (um. camel
case?). DevMo seems only to have chrome.manifest examples. Ta.

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