[Project_owners] [OT] CSS background-image in TB compose

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Thu Mar 2 15:12:05 EST 2006

Ola, bit off topic here, but can't find a solution for a small issue.

I've got an HTML file with some embedded CSS that includes a couple of 
"background-image: url(...)" entries. I'm trying to work out how I get 
TB to attach and resolve these image URIs into cid: so they appear in 
the mail when received.

I'm copying the HTML into the mail via Insert->HTML and pasting the 
source document. In order for the other images (included in the file via 
img tags) to get attached and organised, I've put full paths in there 
for now, which works for them, I just can't get the *%$! background 
images to do it right.


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