[Project_owners] Centering images in trees

David Murray lid2000 at ozforces.com.au
Sun Jun 18 14:24:00 EDT 2006

Ahh thanks. The cycler almost does what I want, except you can't select 
a row by clicking on it. As for background images, I'm not sure how to 
go about that. The images are pulled out of an array, so no image is 
used twice. If I use getCellProperties to style them, I can only apply a 
CSS rule that has already been defined, can't I? Would this mean I'd 
have to create several hundred separate styles when the tree is drawn, 
then use the getAtom thing to apply a different one to each cell? Or is 
there a way to just set the styles easily inline that I'm overlooking?


Neil Deakin wrote:
> David Murray wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've got a tree made with a custom view, and it uses the 
>> .getImageSrc() bit to set images for certain cells. Everything works 
>> fine, but I can't get the images to align to the centre of the cell at 
>> all - they always come in left-aligned.
>> I've tried setting treechildren::-moz-tree-cell(picscol) { 
>> text-align:center; } but get nothing. I've tried using -moz-box-pack 
>> and -moz-box-align and they seem to do nothing too. Tried setting it 
>> on -moz-tree-cell-text and -moz-tree-image, and none of them make any 
>> difference either.
>> So... anything I'm missing?
> You need to either you a cycler cell, if the cell only contains an 
> image, or use a background image.
> / Neil
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