[Project_owners] Getting the same as Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C

Ramiro Aparicio frisco82 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 23:06:33 EDT 2006


My extension need to simulate (as I was not able to find a way to do
it) copy&pasting. I need to get in a var the same text as if Firefox
user selected a piece of the web and copied it. Right now I can do it
quite well with a loop moving a range and using toString method.

Now I have to go a step further and need the whole page "copied" but I
set a range around the whole page and use toString it shows a lot of
white spaces and carriage returns as it just strips the HTML from the
code and returns everything else.

So anyone know a better method to do that?

Thanks for your patience :P

Hasta Otra

Ramiro Aparicio

Webmaster de http://gs151.tk y http://www.climaxsl.es
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