[Project_owners] Intercepting XPInstall on SeaMonkey

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 16:42:44 EDT 2006

On SeaMonkey (and the old Suite). The XPI install process uses the
install.js file and throws away - or totally ignores - the install.rdf
file. However for my purposes I would like to intercept the install
process and extract certain information (iconURL, authorURL) from the
install.rdf file.

How and where would I do this?

I suppose I could overlay:

Then how can I find where the XPI file is located? If it is a local file
the information is available, but if the target file is a http:// URL
how do I find out where the downloaded local temp file is located?

As far as I can tell the download filename isn't passed to the progress
dialog in the paramblock:


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