[Project_owners] Thunderbird JS API

Oren Nachman oren at nachmore.com
Wed Jun 7 21:01:08 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

As part of Google's Summer of Code (SoC) I am going to be working on 
developing a library of JS functions for Thunderbird to ease basic 
functions (iterating emails, opening folders, etc. etc.). As a proof of 
concept I will also be developing an Extension for Thunderbird which 
will hopefully showcase these functions while also be as useful as 
possible as an extensions.

Since I am still in the heat of my exams period (which only finish at 
the end of next week) I am dedicating this period to fact finding. If I 
could get your opinions on some of the following issues that would help 
me devise my exact game plan for the SoC as a start and hopefully the 
future of this project. My initial proposal is on the SoC site.

What I need to know is:

1. What are the most annoying things about developing Extensions for 
Thunderbird? What are your suggestions for improvement?

2. Which functions would be the most useful as part of a standardized js 
  API library?

3. Is there any functionality that can not currently be tapped into (or 
it is extremely difficult to do so)? (even things that may require 
changes to the core)

4. My current thought for an extension is an advanced to-do/reminders 
list that would integrate into Thunderbird as a separate folder. I am 
still open to ideas though - is there any mailing feature that exists in 
other software that is lacking in Thunderbird or a new feature that 
you've always wanted?

Thanks for your input - the more I get the more successful this project 
will become!

Oren Nachman

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