[Project_owners] Fwd: Monitor "members" email traffic

Marcello Testi cinemah at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 5 19:41:40 EDT 2006

This might have been lost due to some mozdev outage last week.


Inizio del messaggio inoltrato:

> Da: Marcello Testi <cinemah at yahoo.it>
> Data: 02 giugno 2006 22:19:28 CET
> A: Mozdev Project Owners List <project_owners at mozdev.org>
> Oggetto: Monitor "members" email traffic
> Hi, I'm thinking about ways of showing the activity of teams related 
> to my project (Caminol10n). I'm wondering if it would be possible to 
> "hook" mailman and the website, in order to show how many messages 
> from certain addresses have been sent to the list during the last _n_ 
> days.
> I know this might sound weird, but... hey c'mon, MozDev is a 
> "platform" after all...
> Thanks.
> Ciao.
> Marcello.

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