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What the heck is Bon Echo? Bon Jovi's brother? (I know, just google)

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Tim Williams venit, vidit, dixit 2006-06-02 11:57:
> I'm not using any of the new features of Firefox 2 so was wondering when 
> I should start testing and adding compatibility to Firefox 2 into my 
> extension. Is Bon Echo 3 close enough to the real thing that if my 
> extension works with that then I can add 2.0 compatibility to future 
> extension releases?
> It would be nice to make a release with 2.0 compatibility as early as 
> possible so that the change can make it into mozilla addons before 
> Firefox 2 is officially released.

The general rule is that you're not supposed to specify compatibility
with a release until you have at least tested with a release candidate
(not an alpha or beta). Usually there is a distinct policy saying
something like "don't specify x.y compatibility unless you have tested
with x.y RC z or higher", with z not necessarily equalling 1.

The hard fact is that a.m.o. won't let you upload an extension if the
minVersion or maxVersion is not contained in /their/ database of allowed
version numbers.

The general experience is that the a.m.o. database usually is a strict
subset of the version numbers which are allowed according to the
"general rule". At least for the past major releases, it was difficult
uploading extensions timely with the release (let alone between RC and

But I have to say that people on irc (#amo) are incredibly helpful, so
you might try that once the RCs are out.


P.S.: Sorry for the math lingo, can't help it ;)
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