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Why can't you do (dynamically, of course):

<image ...>
  <vbox><label .../></vbox>

This is what I do in PasswordMaker and this is also what FoxClocks does. You really can't use a nested <tooltip/> element?

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I have to create dynamicaly an image, display it, and provide a multi-line tooltip. I can't use the tooltiptext attribute because of the multi line, so I have to use the tooltip attribute. I don't want to create a tooltip , set a dynamic id, and then set that id to the tooltip attribute of the image. I have read that the tooltip attribute could be set to the "_child" value. In that case, the first tooltip object in the child tree will be used as the tooltip.
My code is

        image.setAttribute("tooltip", "_child");
        var tooltip1 = document.createElement("tooltip");
        var vbox1 = document.createElement("vbox");
        var description1 =  document.createElement("label");
        description1.setAttribute("value", "Hello world");
but when the mouse is over the image, there is no tooltip...
Am I missing something ?

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