[Project_owners] Overlay reference ids

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Jul 26 00:00:45 EDT 2006

There is no list of items that can be overlayed because almost any xul 
item can be overlayed - including overlays, you just need to know what 
item you want to overlay by looking at the xul source of what you want 
to add something to .

So overlays work like this:
in a given xul file there are elements that have id's and almost any id 
can be overlayed( in other langs they say interpolate), almost any xul 
element can contain other xul elements. Lets say there is a menu  you 
want to add a menuitem to:
- orginal xul(say in browser.xul): <menu id="CoolMenu"> <menuitem 
- overlay(say coolmenuOverlay.xul) to add HotItem: <menu id="CoolMenu"> 
Would overlay the CoolMenu adding HotItem to the end of the menu.
And the chrome.manifest would look like:
overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul 

The main thing is that you overlay an item that has id with a valid xul 
item for the widget you are overlaying. Theres more to it than that but 
that is the basic idea. Overlays are really pretty simple but can be 
confusing until you get the idea, then they seem simple until you get 
past the initial basic idea :) They are very similar to compound widgets 
in tcl/tk except they can be 'smart' bringing style and 
functionality(js) info in with them.

Michael Buckley wrote:

> In other words you don't understand overlays.
> When you use the chrome.manifest to overlay an xul file like this
> overlay    chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
> chrome://editor/content/overlay.xul
> The first parts states that it is an overlay.  The second is the chrome
> path to what I want to overlay.  The last is my file.
> So do you what a list of every thing in the chrome://browser/content/
> folder?  Go to the chrome folder extract Browser.jar got to the content
> then browser folders.  And you can overlay every xul file there if you
> want to.  No one is going to list every xul file in FireFox for you when
> you can just look to see them yourself.
> God Bless
> Michael
> Gareth Hunt wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I understand how overlays work, but does anyone know of a reference 
>> that describes or lists the ids where overlays can be applied?
>> There is not a particular id that I'm looking for. I am curious to 
>> know to what extent overlays can be applied, but have not been able 
>> to find a reference the describes all the overlay points.  I'm 
>> particularly interested in Firefox, but references for any of the 
>> other applications would be welcome too.
>> I've tried xulplanet, and various google searches, but to no avail.
>> Thanks,
>> Gareth
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