[Project_owners] Unwanted update manifest (update.rdf) caching

Alex Eng ateng at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jul 21 20:13:16 EDT 2006

During testing of a new version 2.0 release of my Firefox extension, 
Clippings, I noticed that Firefox won't update the extension from a 
previous release either automatically, or manually in the Extensions 
window, unless I clear the browser cache first.

The extension is hosted on the Mozdev site for my project 
(http://clippings.mozdev.org); it is not yet uploaded or approved on 
Mozilla Addons.  The update manifest, update.rdf, which is stored on the 
Mozdev site for my project, has been updated for the new version of 
Clippings.  I've confirmed that the <updateURL> property in the manifest 
file for the old extension version that I'm upgrading from is referring 
to the correct URL.

This is reproducible across three computers with Firefox 
installed (both Windows XP; one of them belongs to a friend).  This 
problem doesn't occur if I update from, say, version 1.0 to 1.2.1 of my 
extension - only when updating from 1.x to 2.0.

Clearly this would be a barrier to existing users, as not everyone 
thinks about clearing their browser cache first before doing an 
extension update.  Is this a problem with browser settings, or is it a 
problem with the update manifest itself?  Any help or pointers on how to 
resolve is appreciated.

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