[Project_owners] Re: [Inforss] Showing full headline in the tooltip

Didier Ernotte didier at ernotte.com
Fri Jul 21 03:21:10 EDT 2006


This is a good suggestion. I will do it.


Ury Marshak <urym at two-bytes.com> wrote: Hello,

This a great extension! I have a small question: Is it possible to make 
it show *both*
the full headline and the beginning of the article in the tooltip? It 
seems necessary,
because I use constrained headlines and often see something like this:

Headline: "British scientists have discovered that..." - here it gets 
cut off

and the tooltip: "It is considered to be the discovery of the century in 
this field!"

This is just not enough information to decide if I'm interested in the 
because the most important part of the headline is cut off and the 
tooltip does
not repeat it, but goes on.

Thank you.

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