[Project_owners] Re: nsIDownloadManager and SeaMonkey

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Mon Jul 17 18:52:35 EDT 2006

Philip Chee wrote:
> I would think that each would be using a separate instance of
> nsIDownloadManager?

nsIDownloadManager is a service, so it only has a single instance.  Even 
if you could instantiate a separate instance (which I think you 
technically can), it wouldn't help, since then your extension wouldn't 
track the downloads being tracked by the core instance.

> Unfortunately SeaMonkey's version of nsIDownloadManager does not
> implement these two properties. I can work around the first, but I have
> no idea where I can hook up a progress listener to using stuff available
> in SeaMonkey.

is probably the place to ask this question, since that's where the 
Seamonkey developers hang out.


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