[Project_owners] Mozdev Newsgroups

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Fri Jul 14 09:12:51 EDT 2006

Pete Collins wrote:
> As part of the migration to the new server, I'd like to know how many 
> people use the Mozdev newsgroups.

As a reader, I use them almost exclusively as compared with mailing
lists (project_owners being the only exception), since newsgroups are
easier to handle by far.

As a project owner, the Mnenhy project *deliberately* doesn't even have
a mailing list, just a newsgroup.

> I think we would rather ditch the newsgroups and just use mailing lists 
> as it is one less service to worry about.

Please don't.

The great advantage of newsgroups is that you don't get spammed with
mails on faintly interesting topics. If you have the spare time (or a
problem), you just read (or post to) the group /then/.
(And - in theory - postings are stored once (on the server) and not for
each reader separetely (as mails).)

For example: n.m.enigmail
It gets a fair amount of traffic, but I only read or post to it
occasionally. I for sure don't want the whole of that stuff get mailed!

> Thoughts?

Please keep the news server, having project related NGs is part of
MozDev's success IMHO...


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