[Project_owners] Could mozdev set up an experimental svn?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Thu Jul 6 02:35:48 EDT 2006

Nathaniel Jayme schrieb:
> hello,
> http://better-scm.berlios.de/comparison/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bazaar_(software)

This is old, as it doesn't include the SCM of choice for a few big 
projects like the Linux kernel or the Wine project, called "git" - which 
is among those discussed for an eventual (if even wanted/needed) 
replacement at mozilla.org

For most uses, cvs is still the best and most simple choice though, esp. 
taken from a storage standpoint, where cvs is fairly easy to manage, 
having distict ,rv files for every files in the repository and the 
repository dir structure exactly mirroring the project dir structure. Of 
course, this comes with the known deficiencies of cvs as well.

Still, mozilla.org will stay with cvs for quite a while (while keeping 
to think about possible - if needed - alternatives), and tools like 
bonsai and lxr will only support this one SCM until people contribute 
patches to change the situation.

Robert Kaiser

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