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Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Wed Jul 5 07:13:30 EDT 2006

> Could we just take that project down for good?
Here are the members:

Robin Monks <mailto:robin at spreadfirefox.com> 	monks 	Project Owner
Josh Jarmin <mailto:fuegodesigns at gmail.com> 	jarmin 	Active Developer
Jay MacLean <mailto:lightdarkness at gmail.com> 	lightdarkness 	Active 
Tom <mailto:me.at.work at gmail.com> 	meatwork 	Active Developer
Idris Mokhtarzada <mailto:idrism at gmail.com> 	idrism 	Active Developer
Chris Messina <mailto:factoryjoe at factorycity.net> 	factoryjoe 	Active 
Daryl L. L. Houston <mailto:daryl at learnhouston.com> 	daryl 	Active 

I've shut it down.


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