[Project_owners] Sound Extension 1.0 update

Brien Tourville hh7x at verizon.net
Thu Jan 26 12:51:48 EST 2006


hi neal, would you update Sound Extension 1.0 
to work with Firefox 1.5 for us please ?

the person who created it has no desire to update
nor answer eMail requests to do so.

a number of Firefox 1.5 users would like to see this
updated and available - I read your notes on updating
Extensions - but this is beyond me at the moment .

I was able to get Firefox  1.5 to accept my partially
correct update - I couldn't get the three pages of
Preferences to operate at all tho.

I've posted requests for someone to do this - generated
interest in the Extension being Updated - but the one
person who attempted this and posted for download
met with less success for 1.5 than I did - the Firefox
doesn't accept the Extension at all.....

thanks in Advance !

         NEW YORK
   eagle registry #501
eagle kammback registry

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