[Project_owners] Localization extension description

Bartosz Piec bpiec at student.uci.agh.edu.pl
Tue Jan 24 23:11:49 EST 2006

Ramiro Aparicio napisał(a):
> But I have seen in ietab extension that they are able to localize the 
> extension description shown in extension manager. In his 
> ietab.properties you can see:

I have done it that way in OperaView:

gOperaViewBundle = document.getElementById("bundle_operaview");

try {
const nsISupportsString = Components.interfaces.nsISupportsString;

var pref = 

var str = 

str.data = gOperaViewBundle.getString("operaview.description");

pref.setComplexValue("description", nsISupportsString, str);
catch (err) {}

operaview.description is taken from locales.

Bartosz Piec

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