[Project_owners] Localization extension description

Ramiro Aparicio frisco82 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 23:03:30 EST 2006

I have finished today the process of localization of my extension, I had
some problems but finally works.
But I have seen in ietab extension that they are able to localize the
extension description shown in extension manager. In his
ietab.propertiesyou can see:

extensions.{77b819fa-95ad-4f2c-ac7c-486b356188a9}.description = Open IE-only
pages in "embedded IE" !!!

I have done the same, changing his id with my id but don't seems to work.
I have reviewed all his code and they don't have a single call to
srGetStrBundle ins their .js and also don't have any stringbundle element in
a XUL file.

Any ideas?

Ramiro Aparicio

Webmaster de http://gs151.tk y http://www.climaxsl.es
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